G.O.C Phu Tho new factory officially came into operation

With the growing demand and number of customers along with many new promising projects being cherished, G.O.C GROUP has officially built and at the beginning of this year put the Phu Tho factory into operation.

G.O.C Phu Tho with a total area of 5.2 hectares, located in Lam Thao district, Phu Tho province, is the factory with the largest floor area among the 3 factories of G.O.C. Taking a look at the main activities of the three factories, G.O.C Bac Giang factory specializes in processing canned/canned/jar products; G.O.C Nghe An specializes in providing seafood and fish sauce; and G.O.C Phu Tho will specialize in dried and frozen foods as well as vegetable extracts and concentrates. With 3 factories we can produce many different types of products to suit the diverse needs of customers.

Phu Tho factory is equipped with the world's most modern facilities and machinery from Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, etc. The food processing area is always guaranteed to be in a closed environment in compliance with international standards. food hygiene and safety standards. Up to now, many of our customers, when visiting the factory, have admired and praised G.O.C for the large investment in factory scale as well as extremely modern machinery. see the high determination to create the richest and highest quality products to provide to domestic and international customers.

In the long term, we aim to become a globally famous producer of vegetables, fruits, and spices, aiming to raise the world's awareness of Vietnamese agriculture while contributing more and more. for the social community.