G.O.C Jsc Participated in ANUGA 2019

ANUGA is the world’s biggest food convention with all kind of unique products from all over the world. ANUGA is known as the most important commercial exhibition dedicated to food & drink and be warmly welcome with the exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Held once every 2 years, in the beautiful and historic city of Koln – Germany, ANUGA is becoming the unmissable Food show, a place where manufacturer and trader meet and develop the future business together.

Some of the incredible numbers of ANUGA 2019 can be mentioned as:

- Numbers of exhibitors: 7.405 exhibitors from over 107 nations.

- Numbers of visitors: 165.000 visitors from over 198 nations in the world.

- The area for exhibition is about 284.000 m2.

This year, we brought many new items to the show and fortunately the products can reach out to customers from all nations in the world and meet their demand on the taste and quality. The main items of pickle are still a very hot deal with our core customers as well as new buyers from all over the world: Israel, Australia, Georgia, Korea, Japan, USA, etc. Especially, this year we have some new items, developed in our own factory with lots of hard work and innovation. Surprisingly, although it is the first time to introduce these products to customers, however the feedback for the items is amazingly potential and the demand is significant as well. This very good news is the motivation for us to keep moving forward and try to live out to our main purpose: “The best products for a better world”.

In conclusion, ANUGA 2019 is surely a place to be, and we have succeeded in earning the reputation for our products, gaining new business with many potential customers across the world and especially in Europe. Hoping that our effort will contribute more to the society of Vietnam and for the world as it’s our core value.