G.O.C Jsc Participated in JAPAN FOODEX 2019

Foodex Japan is the Asia’s largest exhibition dedicated on food and drink across Japan and the whole world. 2019 is the 44th International Food and Beverage Exhibition that was held.

During the exhibition, thousands of buyers and suppliers from food service, distribution and trading companies not only in Japan but also in abroad came to attend.
Look at the table below, we could find some brief information regarding this Food show:

Exhibition FOODEX JAPAN 2019
Place Makuhari, Messi
Date Mar. 5 – Mar. 8, 2019
Total of exhibitors 3,316 exhibitors / 4,554 booth
Total visitors 80,426

Compared to last year, the total of visitors increased from 72,000 to 80,500, which has proven the effectiveness and effect of this International Food Conferences to all of visitors around the world.

This year, Vietnam Pavilion located in Hall 6 with 20 companies attended. Most of Vietnam companies are frozen manufacturers; some are noodle, tempura, canned and pepper producers. G.O.C Food is proud to be one of the four manufacturer representatives in the North of Vietnam and we are also the only one company who produces pickled products.

Products brought to Foodex Japan were the main strength items from the Company, including: Pickles (gherkin, tomato, chili, baby corn, Jalapeno, rakkyo, mixed vegetables), Fruits (Lychee, pineapple), Dried products (wood ear, cinnamon, star anise) and Bamboo shoot.
During 4 days of the Food show, hundreds of visitors came to visit GOC Booth, of which about 30 visitors were GOC’s old and current customers and other were new ones. Most of customers are from Japan and South Korea. Some are from Europe. The table below showed the interest of all customers:

Article Total of customers interested Percentage
Pickles 50 28.6%
Bamboo shoot 40 22.8%
Rakkyo 35 20.0%
Dried product 20 11.4%
Fruits 15 8.6%
Other 15 8.6%

From the above table we could see that most of customers express their interest in the Pickles, and the most interested item was gherkin, Jalapeno and Mixed pickles. This year, the inquiry for rakkyo increased rapidly, which showed the big interest of customers for this new item.

For bamboo product (both menma and boiled), though the interest is lower than pickles, this is the potential that GOC should invest in. It is seen that the demand for bamboo is high while the supply capacity is still low.

For dried products, including wood ear and spices, almost customers showed their interest in wood ear. Some others interested in the black pepper and cinnamon.
In conclusion, Foodex Japan 2019 brought to us some certain success that help to promote GOC’ brand and image closer to Japan customers in particularly and to abroad customers in generally;

It is surely that after this Exhibition we have gained new corporation with new customers.  Hope that we could maintain and develop these corporations in the long run.